Common questions about getting a medical sick note online.

About the Service

Is this a legitimate service?

Yes. We’re an online Canadian clinic in operation since 2014. We’ve issued hundreds of doctor notes for patients across Canada with no issues. Our healthcare providers are licensed in their respective provinces and use the same criteria as traditional clinics to qualify or disqualify patients for doctor notes. Our notes are accepted by all employers and institutions.

Telemedicine is a recognized and rising form of providing healthcare in Canada. We follow the bylaws and policies of the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) and each province’s medical college regarding the practice of telemedicine in Canada.

How does it work?

After you have booked an appointment and paid, you choose a 3-hour timeslot for your teleconsultation with one of our medical team members. It’s simple and you don’t need to worry. We’ve done this thousands of times before. Simply ensure you’re available to take a call in your time-window. And sometimes our practitioners call you before your time window if they free up.

After your phone call, the doctor’s note will be sent to you by email a few hours after the phone or by end of day. If you require it right away just let the practitioner know during the phone call.

See How it Works for more details.

How much does it cost?

Cost of an appointment to issue a standard doctor’s note is $79 CAD plus tax. This fee covers everything the majority of people require in their doctor’s note.

There are additional fees for specific cases involving verification of illness forms required by some universities, see Pricing for more details.

Do you cover my province/territory?

Our service is available in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nunavut and Yukon, Canada.

You must be in these provinces at the time of appointment, or outside Canada but normally residing in one of the above provinces. You must be 18+ to use our service, but the doctor’s note can be for a dependent of yours who’s under 18.

How is this different from a regular visit?

It’s similar but is more convenient for you and we just issue you the note digitally (by email), with instructions on how to verify it for whoever’s reading it. We also have an option to mail you the original signed note.

Who are your doctors and where are they located?

Our practitioners reside in Canada and are licensed in their respective provinces. They practice telemedicine during their spare time. Our medical team is passionate about making it easier for patients to access quality medical care.

In addition to physicians, our team also includes highly trained Nurse Practitioners who are also licensed in their respective provinces and have the full authority to provide the scope of our services.

All medical notes are signed by the practitioner who assessed you with their name, medical license #, and instructions on how to verify the note if needed.


Who has used your service?

Employees and students across Canada have used our service to get doctor notes when they’re ill.

Employees we’ve issued doctor notes for work for companies of all sizes including local restaurants, private companies, airline companies, healthcare institutions, and government agencies.

Students we’ve issued doctor notes for study at universities, community colleges, highschools, and even private certification programs.

Is this service available for US residents?

Only if you normally reside in Canada and are visiting the US temporarily, or normally reside in the US but are temporarily visiting Canada.

Is this service available to non-Canadian travellers visiting Canada?

Yes. This service is available to anyone located in the Canadian provinces we cover at time of appointment whether you normally live there or not.

What We Do and Don’t Do

What medical conditions can I get a sick note for?

You can get a doctor’s note for any serious medical illness.

These include:

  • URTIs: Flu, cold, cough, etc..
  • Vomiting, stomach issues, & food poisoning
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Depression, stress, anxiety, and other mental illness
  • Sprains, muscle injuries, slips and falls
  • Exacerbations of chronic conditions
  • Temporary work accommodations
  • Massage therapy

For more serious medical issues you might need a physical exam and investigations. In that case, we might ask you to go to an urgent care center or ER as needed.

Do you do notes for mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression?

Yes. We will also connect you with counselling as needed.

Do you do notes prescribing registered massage therapy (RMT Notes)?

Yes our medical team can assess you and write doctor notes recommending registered massage therapy.

Can you backdate or put past dates on a sick note?

No, we do not “backdate notes”.

The best time to get a doctor’s note is when you are sick or a day or two after recovery.

However if you were sick or hospitalized in the past and need a doctor’s note, we can attest to the circumstances. You should send us scanned copies of any past prescriptions, x-rays, surgical reports, or past doctor notes that show evidence of illness. If you have such evidence, we recommend you send them to us through our secure contact us form and then book an appointment.

All our notes have two dates: the date the assessment was made, and the dates when you were ill.

Can I get a long-term medical absence note for sick, disability, or maternity leave?

We can only provide a note for up to 2 weeks of absence. So we may be able to provide you temporary notes but for anything long-term spanning several months you will have to see a doctor or nurse practitioner in-person.

Can I get a note to get special work accommodations?

We may be able to provide you a temporary note justifying a change in your work schedule or tasks. For long-term work accommodations you will have to get that from your local family doctor or specialist.

Do you provide medical notes for service or emotional support animals?

We can provide a note for a service animal provided you can send us an old note from your previous doctor.

We do not provide notes for emotional support animals (ESAs).

Can I get a medical note to delay travel or cancel a flight?

Yes. If travelling poses a health risk to you we can issue you a sick note to send to your airline to cancel or delay a flight and avoid airline fees.

Can I get a medical note for PADI or Scuba Diving Certification?

No. An in-person examination is required for such notes. See a local doctor in-person or contact your PADI-certified scuba diving shop.

Can I get a sick note to cancel a gym contract?

Yes. If something changed with your health and you can no longer go to the gym or it is medically unadvisable for you to exercise, we may be able to issue you a sick note to justify cancelling your gym contract with no penalty.

Can you do a medical note confirming good health for a visa or immigration?

No. A note confirming good health to get a visa or for immigration purposes would require a full physical exam and as such can only be done by a doctor in-person.

Do you provide medical marijuana prescriptions?

No we do not issue medical marijuana prescriptions through this service.

The Sick Note

What does the sick note look like?

Our standard note has our clinic’s header (MDKonsult) and shows date of appointment, dates you should be excused for due to being medically unwell, practitioner name and license number, and our clinic’s contact information to verify the note if necessary.

The note will also be signed and stamped by the Canadian licensed practitioner that assessed you.

It follows the exact same format that traditional clinics use when writing sick notes.

Will the note specify details of my sickness?

Not unless you ask us to.

We maintain patient privacy and by default do not disclose your diagnosis or treatment details on the note. We just say you were medically unwell for specific dates.

If you authorize us to do so, we’re happy to include your diagnosis and sickness details on the note. Just mention it during your assessment.

Will you fill out a special form required by my work or university?

Yes, just indicate this when booking your appointment and upload the form. There is an additional fee for these special forms. See our pricing page.

Am I guaranteed a sick note with your service?

No. Just like a traditional clinic, our practitioners write sick notes upon their discretion based on the medical assessment.

What if I need the original hand-signed note? What if I need it mailed?

We can mail you the note to the address of your choice. There is an extra fee for this. See our pricing page for more details.

Employers do not typically require this, but a very small number of universities do require it. From our experience, some departments in the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto require the original signed and stamped note. Please check with your department.

Payments & Refunds

Why do I need to pay upfront when I am not even guaranteed a note?

When you go to a doctor to try and get a note, it is never guaranteed. A visit to the doctor for the note costs you 1) a lot of time, 2) $50-80 assessment fee that the doctor charges to the province. 3) The fee of $25-40 for the actual note.

When you go to the doctor’s, they ask assessment questions, the very same process used by our practitioners, which helps them confirm your symptoms. Other times, they need to run tests, in which case you would not get a note right away.

While we do appreciate the concerns of paying upfront without a guarantee, we have to cover the cost of the practitioner’s time and give them discretion to issue or not issue the note based on the medical assessment.

We also do our best to review your request before the practitioner calls you. If we determine before the phone call that your request for a sick note is invalid, we will cancel your appointment and process a full refund.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our booking form accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Visa and MC can be debit or credit cards. We also accept interac money transfer – you’ll have to send the amount manually to our email address:

Can I pay by interac money transfer?

Yes. Send the full payment that you see in the last page of our booking form (including tax) to We will then issue you a promo code to book an appointment through the form.

Do you accept provincial plans for payment? (OHIP, MSP, AHCIP, etc..)

No. Doctor notes and telemedicine via phone are not reimbursable by provincial plans.

Is the fee reimbursable by employee health insurance plans?

Yes, this fee is reimbursable by most benefit plans that include a flexible health spending account. Check with your insurance provider for your exact policy. We’re happy to provide receipts compatible with your insurance provider’s reimbursement requirements.

What is your refund policy?

Your appointment is cancellable and fully refundable anytime before our health practitioner calls you. Once our practitioner calls or tries to call you with no answer within your time window, the base fee becomes refundable to only up to 50%. For example, if you are declined a note, or you repeatedly miss our calls, we will refund 50% of your base fee and 100% of any add-ons you paid for.

The Appointment

When are your earliest and latest available appointment times?

When you book an appointment, you generally have the following 3 hour time windows to choose from. Our practitioner will call you within the time window you selected, or earlier if they free up.

  • 11am-2pm EST
  • 8-11am EST
  • 2-5pm EST
  • 5-8pm EST
  • 8-11pm EST
  • 11pm-2am EST

These windows are generally available on all days, including weekends and holidays.

On some days, depending on provider availability, some of these windows may not be available. If you really can only do a specific time and it shows as not available, send us a message and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

How long does the phone call take?

5-10 minutes typically.

I missed your call! Now what?

We will try to contact you several times during your chosen time slot or later in the day.

If we are still unable to get hold of you, we will send you an email to manually book another appointment time.

We do not offer refunds for missed calls. And we may ask you to pay for and book another appointment if repeated attempts at reaching you and rescheduling fail.

How long does it take to get the sick note after the appointment?

All sick notes are sent by midnight the day of your appointment. But we do try to send it out earlier – within a few hours after your call.

If you truly need your sick note right away, just mention it during the phone call, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

After The Appointment

My institution did not accept the sick note, now what?

In this rare case, we’re happy to send additional verification and medically justified details regarding your doctor’s note to you or your institution, which may help get your note accepted. We would only do this with your authorization.

Can I get an official receipt for reimbursement by my insurance company?

Yes, please contact us.

Still need help?