Take Back Control Over Your Life

Talk privately with a professional therapist online anytime, anywhere.
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Take Back Control Over Your Life

Talk privately with a professional therapist online anytime, anywhere.
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How it Works

MDKonsult has partnered with BetterHelp, an online counselling platform with over 2000 licensed therapists.


Tell us about yourself

Complete a questionnaire to tell us about your needs and concerns.

Get Matched

You will be matched to a counsellor best suited for your needs.*

Start the Conversation

Talk to your counsellor anytime from anywhere through secure chat or video.

*If you are not happy with your counsellor, you can request a new counsellor at any time.

The best way to get help and be happy.

Stay Anonymous

You may pick any “nick name” which will identify you in the system. When you decide to start the counselling process, you will be asked for your emergency contact information and will only be used if your counsellor believes that you or someone else might be in danger.

Care Anytime, Anywhere

The majority of our patients are able to get matched and start their sessions in the same-day or within one day of their request. With the secure chat feature, you can get help at your own schedule and whenever it is needed.

Customized Professional Care

Based on your answers to a questionnaire, you are matched with a counsellor with interest and expertise in your specific needs. They create a space and private environment that lets you speak and get help in a stigma-free environment.


The fee is dependent on your needs. You only pay a low flat fee for unlimited sessions with your counsellor. Counselling doesn’t have to be expensive.

Let’s Talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is online therapy good for?

Online therapy is appropriate for almost everyone. All of us experience stress, anxiety, and some amount of conflict or uncertainty in life. A therapist is trained to help people deal with these issues. They are also trained to help with more serious issues such as depression, addictions, relationship counselling, and more.

What is BetterHelp's relationship with MDKonsult?

Our medical team may determine that some patients could benefit from online therapy. Counsellors at BetterHelp are licensed and accredited professionals that offer online counselling therapy. They cannot do prescriptions, doctor notes, or other medical services. MDKonsult services are focused on acute medical needs while BetterHelp is focused on talk therapy. Many patients can benefit from both.