Taking a day off from work or school due to a legitimate illness should not be a complicated process. If you feel unable to participate in whatever you do, you call your boss or professor and take one or maybe two days off and that’s that. Perhaps, if you require an extended amount of time off, a doctor’s note would be appropriate, in which case you contact a physician and obtain a note.

Unfortunately this is simply not the reality. Many employers require sick notes for even one day off and it can be confusing, inconvenient, and time consuming to meet with a physician. This has caused many people to craft fake doctor’s notes. Although tempting to utilize when you may only have a common cold or flu, fake sick notes are extremely dangerous for both your job and doctors alike.

Firstly, creating a fake sick note undermines the trust between you and your employer. Sure there is a good chance that you can get away with a fake doctor’s note, and many people do. However it is an extremely risky gamble that can seriously put your job in jeopardy. Additionally, it can negatively impact the loyalty and trust between you and your employer, which everyone knows is the key to a prosperous work relationship. Even when you get away with a fake note, if your boss may have the slightest inkling that you are lying, and even if they don’t mention it to you, the trust is broken.

Moreover, fake doctor notes undermine the integrity of our medical system. The relationship between a physician and their patient is dependent on patients presenting a true picture of their condition. If they take your word as honest and issue a note when you did not deserve one, they are putting themselves in jeopardy. If a doctor knowingly issues an unjustified note, they are not only doing you a disservice, but they are also harming the overall trust in our medical system.

Finally, some people even resort to forging sick notes using the information of a real doctor and clinic. Even if the obvious ethical issues involved in forging doctor’s notes are overlooked, such behaviour is illegal and fraudulent.

All together it is a truly terrible idea to create or secure a false doctor note. There are countless stories of how such an action backfired immensely. If you require a sick note, you can go the traditional route or use a modern option such as a MDKonsult’s doctor’s note service. Our clinic is able to provide approved patients with a legitimate note from the comfort of their home.