Unfortunately, getting something as simple as a doctor’s note can be a time consuming and difficult process. Walk-in clinics can be out of the way and busy. Your regular doctor is probably booked. Sick people have even turned to creating a fake doctor’s note to circumvent the inconvenient process, because if you can’t go to work, why would you be able to go to a clinic?

Since getting a doctor note is not as simple as it should be in this day and age, MDKonsult has created a service for patients with serious medical illnesses to obtain a legitimate online doctor’s note. This allows patients to rest, and the doctors to focus their time on patients with more significant ailments.

Traditionally, to get a doctor’s note you have to visit a general practitioner at a walk-in or family doctor’s clinic. Both of these options are extremely inconvenient especially when you don’t want to be in public anyways due to your illness. This is also a nightmare from a disease control perspective because patients may spread their germs and come into contact with other people’s germs when their immune system is weakened. Additionally, a doctor’s valuable appointment time is wasted while they diagnose and write a note for what is often a common cold or flu, both of which can be usually self-diagnosed and treated.

This inconvenient and sometimes exhausting process has caused many people to resort to crafting a fake doctor’s note. Fake sick notes are first and foremost unethical. There is also a significant chance of being caught and losing a job or expelled. There is no reason Canadians should feel the need to create a fake doctor’s note to sidestep the system.

With these issues in mind, MDKonsult has created a telehealth platform to connect Canadian patients with a doctor virtually for a quick diagnosis and if approved, get a legitimate doctor note online from the comfort of one’s home.